All of our staff members are expected to exemplify excellence and quality of service and care. We welcome any concerns or questions you may have.

The Nursery (0-1 year olds)

In the nursery, our focus is on meeting the needs of our youngest children through physical and emotional connection. Often, visitors to our school are surprised to notice that we do not have cribs for our little ones, but firm mattresses on the floor. Our babies spend most of their time in the loving arms of our staff and in close-to-body carriers, always receiving that human connection and attachment. In the true Montessori tradition, firm mattresses are available for rest at the level of the infant. We are a breastmilk- and breastfeeding-friendly school, and encourage nursing parents to drop in at any time to breastfeed their babies.

Little House (1-2 year olds)

In Little House, our focus is on developing important everyday skills such as learning personal care, toileting, and hand washing. We also begin to work on what it means to be a good friend through developing our verbal skills, using gentle hands, and giving lots of hugs. Children in this classroom learn to sit with their Montessori “work” materials for lessons, and navigate working together with their friends and autonomous learning. This is still a high touch age, so teachers are ever present for holding children and giving affection.

Preschool (2-3 year olds)

In Preschool, we begin traditional Montessori lessons and continue to work on our social and emotional development. We focus on exploring our own emotions, expressing them in appropriate ways, and work to begin to show empathy and understanding of and respect for our friends’ emotional needs and feelings. We continue to work on toileting and self care, and learning more about our world from planets to community in child-led ways. Music, dance, movement are a big part of this classroom.

Children’s House (3-6 year olds)

In Children’s House, we continue to support the normalization of each child. We create an environment where each child is able to work peacefully, productively, and is able to choose work that is challenging and satisfying for them. Our focus is on encouraging each child to see themselves as a member of a larger community by enlisting their help with tasks such as laundry, serving snacks to their friends, and tidying up. Our “big” friends absolutely love to be the helpers of our younger children! Preschool and Kindergarten are taught by traditional Montessori values and high quality materials.